Insight generation template – Five Whys

Insight generation template is a useful and easy tool to find out what is really on consumer mind. It helps you to dig deep in your research when you want to figure out why are consumers and shoppers behaving the way they are.

Application of this template is very easy. Put down a brief description of your observation into the box at the top of the template.

Then ask yourself why is that? Why is consumer or shopper behaving this way. Write down the most probable answer into the top Why is that space and ask again: “Why is that”. As you see the question repeats five times. That is why this method also often named as “Five Whys” or as the template is similar to ladder a laddering method.

This way you will come up shortly to implicit need, job or task customer or shopper is solving. Of course this method can give you many result and you will not have the most unique and relevant answer immediately. To find a true valid Consumer or Shopper insight need quite a time. So repeat this excercise over and over again.

We wish you best luck in finding the best insight to your need.

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