About us

Templatepedia.org provides free template downloads

We exists to provide you with free template downloads that are made user friendly in Microsoft Office format so you can easily download them, apply and reapply.

In Templatepadia. org we want to build an extensive template library for you. We create it based on publically available sources, topical themes and our over 20 years expertise in using templates in consulting, marketing and sales. We aim to build Templatepedia.org to extensive and open free template & knowledge sharing platform.

In Templatepedia we want to share what has worked or works for us. By doing so we want to save your time. Thanks to Templatepedia.org we wish you won’t need to spend time on redrawing templates for your presentations or other tasks over and over again. That is we are here to prevent you from unnecessary reinventing the wheel.

Where possible we will bind templates into sequence/logical themes for you. This is to give you guidance in solving not only particular task but also more difficult issues or processes like business planning or marketing campaign development.

We aim to gradually build Templatepedia.org free template downloads library so that it will become a platform of knowledge and best practice sharing.

All revenues Templatepedia.org will gain from advertising, sales or donations will be fully reinvested into content expansion, template design improvements and enhancing user experience incl. sharing function building.

Hope you will enjoy our content.

Your TP team

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Our Key Benefits

Time saving

We save time to our users. Templatepedia.org provides its free templates ready to be used. Save your time by stopping redrawing templates over and over again.


Our templates are easy to by searched through and applied. Most of them are made in Microsoft Office. You need just to fill in your content.


We hope to introduce sharing benefit soon. As our content and users will multiply we want to build a community around Templatepedia.org that will organically build and share its content with others.

Sharing is caring!

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