Business plan summary one pager template

Put down your company plan to one page slide in couple of minutes.

Use download link below featured template image to download a simple to use template in Microsoft Powerpoint for your free usage>

Business plan summary one pager template usage guide

Put your company plan to one page in couple of minutes. We crafted this free template as a simple to use tool that enables you to easily put down your company plan to one slide. It gives you a simple master slide that needs to be just filled in with key fundamends of your company plan. It is prepared in Microsoft powerpoint so that you easily amend as needed. It can be also very easily applied to create a plan for dedicated business unit or department area if you wish to.

Plan should always reflect company vision and mission statements so that we never go sideways with our strategies. Next it is important to state clearly and align on key Marketing and Financials goals where both must go hand in hand. Financials goals often need to be elaborated in more detail so there is special space allocated in our template to that. Each company department shall have a set of clear Jobs to be done i.e. issues or opportunitites that need to be addressed in order to deliver goals set. These can be areas like> Deliver innovations on opportunities spotted , Developing new Communication, Building a new customer care zone or Enter a new market segment etc… know it best 🙂

We shall never forget that every good plan states up front Key Risks that are linked to achieving the plan but also organizational, IT an System prerequisits and sources we will need in these areas – be it personnel or financial need or others.

We wish you all the best in achieving your goals and hope our template will help you in easily visualizing actions you need to make to deliver it!

Good luck!


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