Porter’s five forces free template download

Porter’s five forces free template download helps you to easily present your business strategy in broader contex. Easy to download and apply.

Porter’s five forces model is one of the very powerful tools for determining business strategy with respect to the company’s environment. Porter’s five forces model determines competitive pressures, market rivalry. The result of joint action of five basic forces is the profit or loss potential of the industry.

The model determines the state of competition in the industry, which depends on the action of five basic forces:

Risk of entry of new entrants/competitors

How easy or difficult is it for a new competitor to enter the market? What are the barriers to entry?

Rivalry between existing competitors

Is there strong competition between existing competitors? Is there one dominant competitor in the market?
contractual strength of customers

How strong is the position of buyers/customers?

Can they work together and order larger volumes?

Bargaining power of suppliers

How strong is the position of suppliers? These are monopoly suppliers, are there few or many?

The threat of substitute products

How easily can our products and services be replaced by others?

Sometimes the 6th force is used, which is considered the government.

This model was introduced by PORTER, Michael E. in his Competitive Strategy in 1980.

For more info check original at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mYF2_FBCvXw

How to use this Porter’s five forces free template download

We templated Porter’s five forces in Microsoft Powerpoint for you. Just download it and apply. We hope this Porter’s five forces free template download will help you to easily present your strategy in broader context.

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