Online Channels overview template

Online channel overview template

Online Channels overview template is an easy to use template. This simple template helps you to instantly create a „Big Picture” of your online channels usage incl. their description, role and budget setting. Fill it in for your business and gain shortly an online channel usage strategy.

There are still surprisingly many companies running online sales without clarity on what particular channels shall deliver or for what they stand for. Online is run on the “we will try and see how it will work out” basis without any prior strategy on channels roles set.

However to deliver your online objectives you should always go into online channels in detail and set their role for your business. With our simple Online Channels overview template we make it easy for you to make the first step on this journey. Set the roles for your online channels and it decide on budget allocation.

Our Online Channels template is not only enabling you to clearly articulate role of particular channel for your business. You determine what key online channels do you use, what is their role and what budget you put behind them and why.

How to use it?

Template has space for four channels to be looked at. Clearly you will most probably have more than four channels in you online business. In this case don’t hesitate to amend the template provided. Online Channels overview template is pre-made in an open free downloadable Microsoft PowerPoint template so you should have no issues with that.

Where to start? At first we suggest you simply put down a list of all online channels you use or know from social like LinkedIn, Facebook to performance channels like display, RTB. Next try to group them so that you get the picture first.

Hope our template will help you to set right and winning online channel strategy for future.

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