Business Model Canvas template

Business Model Canvas is a simple and complete tool for business model design, analysis and innovation. The basis is the Business Model Canvas consisting of nine parts. These are the basic building blocks of the business model:

  • Customer segments – Customers are a source of business revenue. Determine which customers now buy your products most often. Divide them into groups, which you describe in more detail.
  • Value provided – Describe what problems you are solving the customer and what they will gain by using your product or service. The value of the product satisfies the customer’s needs.
  • Key Activities – List the basic activities you use to make products or provide services. Key activities usually include production, service delivery, communication or coordination.
  • Key Resources – Identify everything you need to perform key activities. These include physical resources, mental resources, human resources and financial resources.
  • Key Partnerships – You need more entities for your business. These can be, for example, suppliers or other partners.
  • Customer Relationships – Describe how you communicate with your customers to build long-term relationships with them.
  • Distribution Channels – Determine how you contact your customer and how you deliver your products or services.
  • Sources of Revenue – Describe how and for what your customers pay specifically. Typical sources of income include, for example, payment for the use of the service, rental, subscriptions.
  • Cost structure – Write down all the most important costs that are associated with your business.

Business Model Canvas was created by Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur

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